We Can  
everse Climate Change

The book DRAWDOWN lists the top hundred methods by which we can reduce, stop, and reverse climate change. Some of the methods in that book may be obvious to you. Others, like educating girls and giving families the ability to make informed reproductive choices, may not be that obvious.
I&';m grateful to the Drawdown Group who did the research and put together this book. I wish that I could say I had something to do with that book, but I didn&';t.

I&';m looking for others who are willing to post articles here on limiting climate change. I&';m also looking for those who wish to advertise their products and services which take steps towards reversing climate change. Got a video, let me know.
My resolution for this year is to single-handedly stop and reverse climate change. Obviously, I can&';t do that alone. But working together, perhaps we can. It may take longer than a year. But now&';s the time to take the next step forward. We can&';t afford to take any more steps backwards.

I&';m an idea generator, collaborator, and team enhancer. My specialty is helping people live their dreams of Paradise.

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Thank you!

I&';ve been following electric cars for over 50 years and have been living a progressively green lifestyle my entire life. People have relied on me for Green Research and Consulting for over 15 years.

I want to help people who want to make the world a better place to live. I&';m looking for opportunities which involve mutually respectful, supportive, and friendly working relationships. I&';d rather work with you than for you.
Let&';s combine our strengths and save the Earth! I can provide my expertise. If you&';re interested, I can help you discover yours.
You have a dream to make Earth Paradise. Let&';s connect to make that dream come true. Let&';s bring your dream to fruition.

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